7FA Gas Turbine

GE’s 7FA Gas Turbine generates more power more efficiently, providing a high level of operational flexibility and performance for combined cycle, cogeneration, and simple cycle peaking applications. This translates into increased revenue across a wide range of operational demands and capacity opportunities.

World class reliability and efficiency

The latest 7FA Gas Turbine incorporates all of GE Energy’s flexibility and performance options, allowing customers to operate in a multitude of changing markets. Fast start capability provides flexibility and grid support in high renewable regions, while expanded fuel flexibility with wider modified wobbe index capability provides the ability to operate in highly diverse natural gas markets. In addition to high levels of flexibility and performance, the 7FA Gas Turbine offers world class reliability, availability and efficiency.

7FA Gas Turbine Highlights

Advanced Compressor and Hot Gas Path

  • Improved performance and maintainability
  • Enhanced operability and durability

Industry-leading DLN 2.6 Combustor

  • Efficient operation with lower emissions
  • Auto-tune functionality

Operational Flexibility

  • Fast start: high dispatchability
  • Extended turndown: lower fuel costs
  • Fast ramp rate: enhanced revenue capture

Fuel Flexibility

  • Accommodates wide range of natural gas, distillate and hydrogen fuels

State-of-the-art Gas Turbine Validation

  • Full Speed, Full Load and non-grid connected
  • Testing beyond day-to-day grid operations