7F-5 Gas Turbine

As part of the FlexEfficiency* 60 Portfolio of products, GE’s 7F-5 gas turbine incorporates advanced combustion technology to deliver operating flexibility, including better turndown capability, while sustaining higher levels of efficiency. This translates into increased revenue across a wide range of operating conditions.

Accelerating Turbine Advancements

The 7F-5 gas turbine’s fast start capability provides flexibility and grid support in high renewable regions. Enabling greater than 59% combined cycle efficiency, the 7F-5 gas turbine can start quickly, ramp up or reduce power output in response to wide grid fluctuations, and turn down to very low output levels, creating an unprecedented level of operational flexibility and efficiency built for modern energy systems.

7F-5 Gas Turbine Highlights

Flexible and Efficient

  • Greater than 59% efficiency in combined cycle operation and more than 38.7% efficiency in simple cycle operation
  • 40 MW/minute ramp rate per gas turbine within emissions guarantees
  • Fuel flexibility to offer operation on a wide range of natural gas or distillate fuels
  • 3-stage hot gas path with advanced cooling and sealing for improved efficiency and lifecycle costs
  • Advanced 3D aerodynamic 14-stage compressor with super-finish airfoils for improved fuel efficiency with less long-term degradation

Advanced Combustion System

  • Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6 combustion system enables turndown to 36% of gas turbine baseload while accommodating fuel composition variance and maintaining emissions guarantees

Reliable Performance with Low Emissions

  • Simplified air-cooled architecture combined with proven materials for lowest lifecycle in its class
  • Quick start capability – 11 minutes to gas turbine baseload
  • CO emissions of 2 ppm in combined cycle and 9 pmm for gas turbine only
  • NOx emissions of 2 ppm in combined cycle and 9 ppm for gas turbine only

Field Proven and Factory Tested

  • More than 800 7F gas turbines operating in the field with more than 29 million fired hours
  • Full-speed, full-load off-grid testing at GE’s world-class validation facility in Greenville, South Carolina, USA