7F-7 Gas Turbine

Extending GE’s F-class technology and FlexEfficiency* 60 Portfolio, the 7F-7 gas turbine provides more power to meet a wide application range while closely matching specific output and efficiency requirements. The 7F-7 gas turbine delivers exceptional value, continuing GE’s commitment to lower plant lifecycle costs while reducing emissions.

Record-setting Efficiency

The latest evolution in the F-class platform, GE’s 7F-7 gas turbine features advanced start-up capability, improved turndown capability, faster ramp rate, and higher efficiency than previous technology. Backed by more than 20 years of F-class experience, GE’s 7F-7 gas turbine features a 4-stage hot gas path and breaks new ground with greater than 61% efficiency in combined cycle operation. Whether operating in baseload or cyclic mode, the 7F-7 employs advanced and proven technology to help plant operators meet their unique performance demands.

7F-7 Gas Turbine Highlights

Efficient and Flexible

  • Greater than 61% efficiency in combined cycle operation and more than 40% efficiency in simple cycle operation
  • 50 MW/minute ramp rate per gas turbine within emissions guarantees
  • 4-stage hot gas path with advanced cooling and sealing for improved efficiency
  • Advanced 3D aerodynamic 14-stage compressor for improved operating flexibility and fuel efficiency

Advanced Combustion System

  • Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6+AFS (Axial Fuel Staged) combustion system enables turndown to 20% of gas turbine baseload while accommodating fuel composition variance and maintaining emissions guarantees

Reliable Performance with Low Emissions

  • Simplified air-cooled architecture combined with proven materials for lowest lifecycle cost per produced MW in its class
  • Quick start capability – 10 minutes to gas turbine baseload
  • CO emissions of 2 ppm in combined cycle and 9 pmm for gas turbine only
  • NOx emissions of 2 ppm in combined cycle and 20 ppm for gas turbine only

Field Proven and Factory Tested

  • More than 800 7F gas turbines operating in the field with more than 29 million fired hours
  • Full-speed, full-load off-grid testing at GE’s world-class validation facility in Greenville, South Carolina, USA