Mark* VIe Integrated Control System (ICS)

GE’s FlexEfficiency* 60 Combined Cycle Power Plant and FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant are controlled by the Mark VIe ICS. This contemporary distributed control architecture provides a “one system” approach that eliminates the need for separate and disparate control systems. The result is unified, yet simplified, plant control that enables a high level of reliability and maintainability.

Simple, Yet Advanced, Control Platform

Easy to install, commission and maintain, the Mark VIe ICS delivers a proven plant control system. This single platform improves a plant operator’s productivity and plant awareness with advanced diagnostic and asset management tools.

The ICS connects all plant systems into one high-performance, Ethernet-based, digital network. The ICS architecture accommodates transient modes and cyclic mission profiles where operational flexibility and reliability requirements demand peer-to-peer control communication between the gas turbine, generator, and bottoming cycle controllers.

Operators benefit from a single tool to monitor, control, and protect plant equipment. This creates an environment where performance is enhanced and maintenance can be proactively managed.

With advanced control techniques and embedded GE models, the Mark VIe ICS delivers new levels of operational flexibility. For example, operators can select from several automated start-up profiles based on their unique needs, and then command the plant start sequence to the desired load conditions. This is ideal for responding to fluctuating industry trading, regulations, and costs.

Key Advantages

Fast, Flexible and Cyclic Operating Profiles

  • Automated start-up options - best start time, lowest fuel cost, and reduced equipment stress
  • Lower turndown, improved part load efficiency and higher ramp rates - all while maintaining emissions guarantees
  • Superior stability during plant transients and grid events
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) stress modeling - smarter plant cycling

System Reliability and Maintainability

  • Data historian and analytics tools - increased productivity and reduced operating costs
  • Plant health monitoring system with actionable alerts
  • Device asset management - proactive maintenance and increased up-time
  • Cyber-security - asset protection from external attacks

Industrial Digital Network Standards and Fieldbus Devices

  • Modern fieldbus technology with smart fieldbus devices - precise process control
  • Built in FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus device manager - easier system maintenance
  • Enhanced skid validation at supplier - faster site commissioning
  • Simple system expansion and updates

TM Trademark of the Fieldbus Foundation