Steam Turbine Maintenance

It’s in our DNA.  With more than 100 years of experience, GE knows steam turbines. From planning to execution, tapping into our unparalleled technical knowledge can result in shorter outage durations, lower total costs and decreased risk of unforeseen issues.

GE manages more than 400 steam turbine outages each year.  And every one provides invaluable data to make the next outage that much smarter.

Fewer Surprises, More Efficiencies

Foresight is the key to outage efficiency. Proper planning can help reduce the impact of emergent issues and reduce the risk of schedule misses. 

Processes, resources, parts and repairs—they’re all part of an integrated plan.  With our planning expertise, you can be more confident that the resources you need will be ready when you need them.

Whether your top priority is increasing the value of your assets, lowering your lifecycle maintenance costs, or simply ensuring that your outage meets its schedule, GE Energy can offer a steam turbine outage solution to meet your particular needs.

More Value

Our product service engineers, repair specialists and field teams can help you make smart decisions that can save you money. Like outage solution packages or concurrent upgrades to give you more output and greater efficiency.

More Experience

GE steam turbine field engineers have more than 3,000 years of collective experience—an average of nearly 13 years per field engineer. With this experience, you can be confident that we’ll do everything possible to see that your outage occurs as planned, on schedule and within budget.

More Insight

A wealth of technical insight is at your service. As the OEM, we can compare your performance history with the entire GE steam turbine fleet and give you a real-time portrait of you unit’s health. As a result, you will be in a better position to reduce unexpected maintenance costs.