FlexEfficiency* 50 Portfolio

Built for the needs of 50 hertz countries, GE’s FlexEfficiency 50 Portfolio provides efficiency and unprecedented operating flexibility to accommodate both continuous and cyclic operation while delivering reliable, responsive power to the energy grid. The portfolio includes a combined cycle power plant which includes an F-class gas turbine, D-series steam turbine, a  generator, and an advanced Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), all controlled by GE’s Mark* Vle Integrated Control System (ICS).

Flexible and Efficient Operation

With the FlexEfficiency 50 Portfolio of products, power plant owners have the opportunity to employ valuable natural gas resources with a high level of efficiency. Each of the components in the FlexEfficiency 50 Portfolio—from the gas and steam turbine to the generator and control system—contain the same strands of “FlexEfficiency DNA.” By sharing core components among technologies, GE is able to increase the speed with which it brings products to customers.

GE’s FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant delivers a high level of operational flexibility:

  • Full plant load in less than 30 minutes
  • 50 MW/minute ramp rate
  • Turndown to 40% of plant load while maintaining emissions guarantees

The FlexEfficiency 50 Portfolio provides plant operators with a natural gas-driven power generation solution that addresses variability, reliability, and the need for lower fuel use and operating costs.


Key Features of the FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant

Operational Flexibility

  • 60% efficiency down to 87% load
  • Greater than 50 MW/minute while maintaining emissions guarantees
  • 40% turndown within emissions guarantees
  • One button push start in under 30 minutes

Total Plant Configuration

  • High start reliability with simplified digital controls
  • Plant-level flexibility and maintainability
  • Two-year construction schedules

Leading Baseload Efficiency

  • More than 61 percent baseload efficiency
  • Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) greater than 70 percent baseload efficiency

Full-Load Validation

  • Full-speed, full-load, dual-fuel capability
  • Variable speed, variable load — not grid connected
  • More than 7,000 data steams captured every hour during testing

ecomagination* Certified

  • Reduced fuel burn — 6.4 million cubic meters of natural gas per year
  • Smaller carbon footprint — 12,700 metric tons of CO2 per year
  • Reduced NOx emissions — 10 metric tons of NOx per year

Extensive Service Offerings and Upgrades

  • Parts, repairs, and technical support
  • Help with managing costs, compliance, and productivity
  • Performance guarantees with GE’s Contractual Service Agreements (CSAs)
  • Comprehensive services for every stage of the plant’s lifecycle
  • Scheduled maintenance combined with upgrade installation for shorter downtime